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We collaborate with your business to build super-strong marketing designed to reinforce your message. From strategy to copywriting, web design and video, we support solid audience interactions that inspire your customers to take note, take action, and share their experience with others.




Effective content that supports the weight of your brand’s message and purpose, while defining the value of your business.



Your well-scripted story brought to the screen using 4K cameras, as well as drones.


Web Design

Websites that are responsive, engaging, entertaining, and informative.


Social Media

Leveraging social media outlets, we inspire customers to share your brand with their friends and continue to build your story.


Email Marketing

Compelling subject lines, layouts and calls to action that turn your subscribers into customers.


Collaboration is Key


With Clients

Cast Iron Content specializes in building effective content that clearly delivers your brand’s message, purpose, and defines the value of your business. If it involves the written word, Cast Iron Content will craft it.

And because you never get a second chance at a first impression, Cast Iron Content is the second pair of expert eyes you need when it comes to editing. For a razor sharp competitive edge, you need a keen set of eyes trained to not only catch any grammar gaffe or wacky word usage, but also elevate your content to a polished, professional presentation.

With our network

We believe in the productive spirit of collaboration and are eager to connect you with other companies, individuals, and experts to enhance your brand. And we practice what we preach. Check out our Associates page to see some of the architects of inspiration who make what we do possible.

About Us


Amanda Silva

Principal and Creative Director

Amanda collaborates with a team of experts in their respective fields to exceed clients’ expectations and deliver game-changing content. A storyteller by trade and talent, Amanda was raised overseas and often writes about her expatriate childhood experiences. Not surprisingly, Amanda jumps at just about any chance to travel and is most inspired when she is on the move.

Our Affiliate Network


Brian Agosta

Art Director, Web Designer, Video Producer
A designer of all things digital, web sites, apps, email campaigns, video and motion graphics, Brian also finds the time to perform as a commercial actor, improv comedian and singer. No matter the platform, he keeps his focus on delighting the audience.

Kristin Hardwick

Photographer, PR Strategist
Kristin is the go-to photographer + PR strategist for entrepreneurs who are ready to be seen. Known for her enthusiasm and creative eye, Kristin has a strong passion for helping others stand out in their fields. She goes beyond photographing her clients, to really honing in on their brand and what sets them apart.

Jenna R. London

Content Writer
Jenna R. London offers comprehensive editing, writing, proofreading and teaching services. She received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in January 2017 and continues to publish her creative work as well as more academic-based reviews. Jenna prides herself on taking an efficient and creative approach to content development.

Eddie Frateschi

Video Producer
Bringing over a decade of experience in the industry, from both sides of the camera, Eddie's top priority is to execute every project with a top-tier branding appeal, regardless of the budget. Equipped with a full arsenal of the latest and greatest gear available, he brings your story to life in the best way possible.

Alison Hall

Marketing Strategist, Content Creator
Leveraging extensive experience in Corporate Communications, Alison, the President of Creative Bird Marketing, specializes in boutique marketing management designed to help small businesses establish best marketing practices while also creating compelling content to help them spread their wings.

Teddy Meyers

Facebook Advertising Specialist
Teddy has been running Facebook advertising campaigns basically since they were released to the public. He has worked with small to enterprise level companies and in 2014 one of his lead generation campaigns was awarded the Bronze Award from the Content Marketing Institute.



STRONG Self(ie)

Content Creation, Editing, Email Marketing, Blogging, Guest Bloggers Connection

STRONG self(ie) approached us with an admirable mission, backed by the perfect products. What they needed was content as compelling as their company.



Facebook Flipped the Script – What Does this Mean for Your Brand?

George Bernard Shaw is credited with saying, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Well, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to flip the script on Facebook and challenge how businesses can most effectively promote their goods and services on social media. What does this mean for your brand?
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Gimme a Beat and Get Me Back to Work…

Rather than a rush to the finish line, some work weeks feel like a slow belly crawl to the weekend. For whatever reason, time and energy are at a premium, and you’re always on the brink of running out of both. Simple tasks take longer than they should, clients are slow to respond, and the […]
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Compelling Improv: How to Play Consistently Funny Characters – SERIES – Part 2

I love playing characters on stage in improv: big, bold, super hilarious characters. My favorite creation is a washed-up 1980s rock star who is super excitable and thinks he’s way sexier than he has any right to be. No, I’m not talking about Lil’ Sweet from the Dr, Pepper commercials. I also created a sexy […]
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Time-Hack Thursday: Time Might Actually Be on Your Side

Even if you’re not Mick Jagger, time might actually be on your side. Allow me to explain… It’s the rare person who feels like they have ample time to achieve everything they both need and want to accomplish in a single day. Most of us bemoan a lack of time allocated by a day’s 24-hours […]
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Why Bother Blogging About Your Vineyard or Winery?

Perhaps the better question is, doesn’t wine just sell itself? It certainly seems to, according to the latest Nielsen research, highlighted in The Future is Bright for US Wine in 2017: Statistics from 2016 Paint Rosy Picture. Evidently, approximately 36% of Americans drink wine, with 38% of us (who me?) imbibing on a weekly basis. […]
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Homework: The History and Hype Surrounding Podcasts

In preparation for my first ever podcast this week, I decided it made sense to understand the evolution of podcasts in case there was a quiz or something. Fortunately, there wasn’t, and the whole process proved relatively painless. In fact, Carmen Reed-Gilkison, founder of Side Hustle Rage, created such a comfortable exchange, I nearly forgot […]
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