Special Delivery: Why Snail Direct Mail Still Works

Who doesn’t like receiving snail mail, especially around the holidays?

This time of year, most people’s fridge fronts and mantels are littered with seasonal well-wishes.

Businesses should also take advantage of snail direct mail, year-round for a number of reasons. While the digital age makes anything printed seem dated and totally ditchable, direct mail still delivers when it comes to supporting your business and sharing your story.

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Spot the Difference: Copyediting vs. Proofreading

You understand the importance of polished copy, whether on your blog, website, or email campaign. Of course, professional copy is important to support all of the messaging behind your brand. But, sometimes, when seeking help with your copywriting, it’s easy to confuse the promise of copyediting vs. proofreading.

Similar in nature, copyediting and proofreading are very different animals. Understand the nuances between the two in order to source the help you actually need. Doing so will result in stronger copy that better supports the story of your business.

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3 Sound Strategies to Write a More Powerful Press Release

The new year is fast approaching and you, no doubt, have news to share about your business. A press release remains a solid and direct way to distribute this information to a large audience. But, with competition from social media channels and the endless influx of 24/7 news, making sure your press release actually gets read is increasingly difficult. But, not impossible.

Take a look at these three strategies to help you write a more powerful press release and increase your odds of reaching your audience.

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Celebrate Your Clients through Charitable Giving this Season

One of the constant challenges facing small business owners, especially around the holiday season, is the reality of restricted budgets. Sure, we’d love to have the funds to get really festive and celebrate our clients and colleagues, but the bottom line is not always bountiful. However, you can resist the Scrooge-like stance. It is possible to give back and still celebrate your clients this season through charitable giving.

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Real-time Motives Behind the Creation of Cyber Monday

Derided by some as just a marketing gimmick, Cyber Monday actually became the “Biggest Online Shopping Day of the Year” in 2014 — nine years after its launch. The National Retail Federation introduced Cyber Monday in 2005 as a way to promote online sales. But, was the promotion really needed? After all, the real-time motives behind the creation of Cyber Monday were already at work… literally. 

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