Connect with Your Audience through Content Marketing

As someone who grew up relocating on a regular basis, I used to find the question, “where are you from?” tough to answer. When it comes to my career, I find I often face a similar need to explain. Plenty of people understand what content marketing means. But, just as many, if not more, have no clue. So, when I attend a networking event and introduce myself as the owner of a content marketing business, sometimes I’m met with a blank stare that only shows recognition after I further explain that I’m a copywriter.

Content marketing isn’t new and it isn’t a particularly difficult concept to grasp. But, it’s incredibly valuable to businesses, both big and small. Ultimately, content marketing offers brands an authentic way to connect with their audience.

What does content marketing mean? More importantly, what does it involve for business owners who are already managing perhaps more than they care to, especially if theirs is a new venture?

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The Brass Tacks of Blogging for Your Business

The reasons your business should be blogging are not particularly complicated. There’s no need to dive down the rabbit hole and engage in an exhaustive study, regarding the merits of blogging for a business. Here is quick take — a reminder for some, and news to others, about the brass tacks of blogging for your business.

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Why Should Your Business Care About Copyediting?

As a guest on the “Friends with Kevin Radio Show,” I had the opportunity to discuss why a business or brand should care about copyediting with host Kevin Willett. In our short, approximately ten-minute segment, we dove into the copyediting chaos that can wreak havoc on a brand’s message and overall presentation.

Here is a key takeaway about typos and a link to our talk

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Copyediting Means More than Taking Care of Typos

This week, I’m prepping for a brief blog talk radio interview all about why copywriting matters, specifically, why copyediting is crucial to a business and brand’s image. Host Kevin Willett, of the Friends of Kevin Radio Show, understands why copyediting is so important, but can’t comprehend why more businesses don’t take it seriously. Or seriously enough to entrust the words backing their brand with a professional copy editor.

Willett wanted to discuss the typical traps, like typos on a website or blog, even admitting his own spelling gaffes as an example of how the best intentions can result in overlooked errors. As we all know, everyone’s a critic and with the anonymity provided by cyberspace, any minor typo will leave you open to nitpicking and finger-pointing; ultimately, detracting from whatever important message you were trying to share with your audience.

But, copyediting means more than taking care of typos. Typos can exist without major damage to a message’s overall meaning. Word usage is where things get dicey…

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From Making Headlines With My Brain Injury to Writing Them

Editor’s note:

This post was written as a follow up to a previous guest blog post, featuring our copywriter intern Jayme Severance and his struggle to find full-time employment, having overcome tremendous odds in the wake of a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
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