Gimme a Beat and Get Me Back to Work…

Rather than a rush to the finish line, some work weeks feel like a slow belly crawl to the weekend. For whatever reason, time and energy are at a premium, and you’re always on the brink of running out of both. Simple tasks take longer than they should, clients are slow to respond, and the next item on your to-do list already feels draining.

Could it be a post-holiday reverie slump? Maybe you’re coming down with something. Might be some other source of stress that’s leaving you feeling stretched to the max. Whatever the case, you can’t tap out and quit. There is work to be done and procrastinating will just lead to panic later. So, what can you do?

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Time-Hack Thursday: Time Might Actually Be on Your Side

Even if you’re not Mick Jagger, time might actually be on your side. Allow me to explain…

It’s the rare person who feels like they have ample time to achieve everything they both need and want to accomplish in a single day. Most of us bemoan a lack of time allocated by a day’s 24-hours against our to-do lists. We’re all just “so busy.” Consider the number of times you’ve heard, “ugh, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!” Well, there’s a time waster of a sentence. Unless you have some sort of device that can extend a standard day beyond its 24-hour threshold, you’re already burning precious moments bemoaning how few you have.

And, as it turns out, many of those moans amount to misallocated time or misremembered experiences. Fortunately, The New York Times’ contributor, author Laura Vanderkam, devoted some of her precious moments to uncover The Busy Person’s Lies.

What she found was fascinating and, I think, fuel for a greater appreciation of every second we get to claim as our own …

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Why Bother Blogging About Your Vineyard or Winery?

Perhaps the better question is, doesn’t wine just sell itself? It certainly seems to, according to the latest Nielsen research, highlighted in The Future is Bright for US Wine in 2017: Statistics from 2016 Paint Rosy Picture. Evidently, approximately 36% of Americans drink wine, with 38% of us (who me?) imbibing on a weekly basis. The top consumers by generation are matched by millennials and Baby Boomers. Considering that 15% of millennials still live at home, it’s not surprising to observe shared drinking habits.

So, since wine is clearly winning, why should a vineyard or winery need a blog?

In preparation for today’s visit to LaBelle Winery, Kristin and I thought the question seemed worthy of some consideration. Here are the top three reasons you should consider blogging about your vineyard or winery in 2018.

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Homework: The History and Hype Surrounding Podcasts

In preparation for my first ever podcast this week, I decided it made sense to understand the evolution of podcasts in case there was a quiz or something. Fortunately, there wasn’t, and the whole process proved relatively painless. In fact, Carmen Reed-Gilkison, founder of Side Hustle Rage, created such a comfortable exchange, I nearly forgot that the conversation wouldn’t just be kept between us. Although I’m awaiting the official air date, the projection is between late February, early March. We shall see…

Before my conversation on collaboration airs, I’ll be reflecting on some podcasting realities, while continuing to follow my own favorites podcasts.

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When Learning Makes You LOL – Why We Love Drunk History

Beating the post-holiday blahs requires pursuing a laugh whenever possible. Between my neighborhood’s current deep freeze and breath-stealing windchill, the past several nights have found me sequestered indoors, basking in the glow of the television. The other night, courtesy of Drunk History, I found myself turning in, feeling a bit sunnier. Lighter. Energized by some gloom-busting giggles.

Watching Will Ferrell play Roald Dahl, my all-time favorite author when I was a kid, was not only entertaining, but educational. That’s the whole point of the show, right? To inform while entertaining — an intersection where education is both meaningful and memorable.

What better way to send a message?

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