Up for a Giveaway Challenge? Beat this Blog Post!

Since we had so much fun with our first blog post giveaway, we decided to create another one and see where it might lead. Only this time, it comes with a challenge…

Our own Jenna R. London has written a blog post devoted to what we do at Waypoint Writing. But, she’s done so according to rules of her own design, resulting in a hidden phrase, which could read as a command, goal, or one hell of a compelling hashtag. Give it a read to find the phrase and figure out the rule she created to craft this unique blog post. Think you know the answers? Contact us! Only correct entries will be considered, with the winner pulled at random at 5 p.m. on Friday. The prize? A blog post written in this same style, dedicated to your specific brand, which you can then publish on your blog, highlight in a newsletter, share via email, or use for your own giveaway.

Give it a try and contact us with your response ASAP! Good luck!! 

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Raw Material: Creative Copywriter Recalls Waitressing Woes

In honor of National Pizza Day, Waypoint Writing collaborator and copywriter, Jenna London, regales us with a mishap from her previous life as a waitress in a small mountain town in Missoula, Montana.

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The Pitch

I always looked forward to the several times a year that Berta— my friend for ten years and counting—made the four hour trip from the Boston area to visit me in Saratoga Springs, New York. Berta had red curly hair that she sometimes spruced up with a purple tint and loved horses. She was twelve years older than me, but we seldom noticed the age difference. I celebrated her visits because I was granted a reprieve from my primary responsibility, which was to keep my two young children—Tyler and Brynn—alive. Berta enjoyed the break from her routine and was about as laid back a houseguest as a person could be. She had only one requirement—we needed to visit the farmer’s market before she left town on Saturday morning.

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The Greatest Business Website Ever Found Online…

…would begin with content so fresh and intriguing that you would pause mid-click, settle in your seat, adjust your glasses, tell yourself to ignore your cell phone’s dinging, tell your partner to come check this site out, and click and scroll with excitement, marveling that you’d indeed dreamed exactly the same approach but website development is just not your specialty. Your interest piques. You click on each tab, and you think Man, this is exactly how my business needs to be presented, too, to be capable of startling and moving a person.

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