The Greatest Business Website Ever Found Online…

…would begin with content so fresh and intriguing that you would pause mid-click, settle in your seat, adjust your glasses, tell yourself to ignore your cell phone’s dinging, tell your partner to come check this site out, and click and scroll with excitement, marveling that you’d indeed dreamed exactly the same approach but website development is just not your specialty. Your interest piques. You click on each tab, and you think Man, this is exactly how my business needs to be presented, too, to be capable of startling and moving a person.

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Sarah Blackman Flips the Script on Fear, Braves Stand-Up Comedy

Picture this: An empty stage, a microphone, and you, all alone.

Your job: to make people laugh. Terrifying.

It is my biggest fear in life: stand-up comedy. I am an actress so I am used to performing, but always under the guise of different characters, a veil of sorts. But for me to expose myself, as myself, AND be funny? Well, that seems like the scariest and most vulnerable place to stand.

So, of course, I have to do it, right? I have to push myself through my biggest fear (besides being stuck in a small space with tarantulas – facing that fear will NEVER willingly happen), so that I can see what I am made of.

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Reimagining Paradise: A Writer Explores What it Means to Rebuild

St. John is on my mind these days. I am trying to stay as connected as possible from afar, supporting my friends the best I can as they work on their recovery from Irma. I cannot stop thinking of those beautiful islands and other hurricane-ravaged communities.

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Circling the Launchpad – Harnessing the Fear of Starting a New Business

Jenn believed we could successfully launch this business before I did. I hate to admit that. But it’s true. She pushed hard, but not hard enough to send me running from the picture that, at the time, represented all the tangibility of a mirage. It was an idea. A belief. A compelling suggestion that we could do this. We knew how. We just had to figure out the finer details.

Of course, this forced me to realize that I live my life ever aware of the devil in those very details and so I quickly found myself fearing our ability to launch without crashing and burning like Icharus.

After all, according to The Motley Fool (gulp!), nearly 50% of all businesses fail after five years. Well, shit. I’ve given just about as much time to endeavors I didn’t believe in – often because those in charge didn’t either. But, what would actually stop us from starting out like a shooting star and then burning out just as fast?

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Celebrity Chef Celebrates Restaurant Blogs

What a wonderful time to own a restaurant. Thanks to so many television cooking shows and channels, like NPR’s “The Salt,” you now have a more educated clientele than ever before: this is the era of the “foodie.” Foodies know what they like, take pride in their knowledge of specialty diets, food trends and ingredients, and they are not afraid to spend money on dishes that they feel are part of their culinary identity. Some even travel to far-flung destinations around the world to further refine that identity.

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